Freeholders Call Surrency’s Political Ploy Reprehensible

Freeholder Director:  “Surrency Owes Residents an Apology”

In response to the blatant attempt of Freeholder Jack Surrency to politicize the COVID-19 Pandemic, Cumberland County Freeholder Director, Joe Derella, says Surrency owes the residents an apology. 

“Jack has been a Freeholder for 870 days and this was his first attempt to pass legislation,” said Derella.  “His political handlers however, did a poor job of preparing him as Jack was unaware of legal restrictions, costs, and lacked a plan for implementation.  I would have hoped in his 870 days as Freeholder he would have learned that is not how a responsible government operates.”

According to Derella, what makes Surrency’s actions even more egregious is the pre-written, factually inaccurate press release Surrency’s political team sent out the next day claiming that Surrency’s resolutions were voted against.


“I am not sure what meeting Jack was at, but certainly not the one described in his press release.  This further proves Jack is using a world pandemic to artificially give himself a soap box.”

While Surrency claims the Freeholders voted against his resolutions, the matter was tabled when Surrency could not answer basic questions of his proposal including costs, implementation and whether or not they contradict or augment operations already in place.  

“There is no patent on good ideas when it comes to serving the residents and protecting our citizens,” said Derella.  “The matter was tabled to give Jack time to do his due diligence and provide residents with facts.  Apparently this did not fit the narrative Jack wanted to develop and his team failed to edit its press release.  This behavior is an embarrassment to the hard working men and women who are working for residents every day.  Jack owes everyone in Cumberland County an apology. “

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