Derella Statement on Board’s Censure, Vote of No Confidence on Jack Surrency

For Immediate Release: June 17, 2020

Cumberland County Freeholder Director Joe Derella Statement on Board’s Censure, Vote of No Confidence on Jack Surrency

Derella: “Egregious Misuse of Public Funds if Surrency leaves Residents Holding Bag Because of His Untruthfulness.”

(Millville) Today, Cumberland County Freeholder Director Joe Derella called on Freeholder Jack Surrency to apologize to County Administrator Kim Wood and the rest of the hardworking men and women who work for Cumberland County. The call comes a day after the Cumberland County Freeholders voted to censure Jack Surrency and issue a call of no confidence.

“Jack’s behavior has been beyond reckless for several weeks now, but he crossed a red line when he attacked the integrity of the men and women who work for the County. Jack not only had in his possession the documentation to show that his statements were a complete fabrication, he now risks exposing County residents to pay for legal fees as a result of his recklessness,” said Derella. “I urge him to follow Kim Wood’s request and retract his statement by tomorrow because Kim has every right to seek legal action against Jack, and he shouldn’t burden the taxpayers with that expense.”

Derella also said that if Jack refuses to apologize and retract the statement, he will seek a letter from Jack stating he will voluntarily cover all legal expenses personally and not rely on County taxpayers or his high priced North Jersey political consultants to bail him out.

The vote of no confidence comes after Surrency accused County employees of misappropriating funds spent on a County-wide disinfestation of County buildings and properties. Public documents revealed Surrency voted to approve all resolutions and invoices related to the cleaning and was even copied on the schedule of cleaning.

The evidence presented against Surrency was so overwhelming that it made clear there were only two alternatives: (1) Surrency knew his press statements were lies and allowed them to be issued anyway, or (2) he is grossly incompetent as a Freeholder not knowing what he is voting on or the very basics of County operations and policies.

Freeholder Darlene Barber directly asked Surrency, “Are you incapable of being a Freeholder, or are you a habitual liar?”

While the vote of no confidence was a rare and a stunning rebuke, Derella says his focus is on protecting the taxpayers and the County employees. Administrator Wood warned Surrency that he has until June 18th to publicly retract his statements or seek legal actions against him for his defamatory and slanderous attacks.

According to Derella, “It is grossly unfair for Jack to put the taxpayers in this position. He has the moral and ethical duty to do what is right and not only retract his statements but apologize. Should he Surrency not to follow the right path, he owes an assurance to the taxpayers he will not saddle them with the costs.”

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