Cumberland County Republican Candidates still refuse to wear masks at indoor events and with seniors

The frustrating and disrespectful choices made by Republican Candidates Anthony (Tony) Romero, Darwin Cooper Jr., Victoria (Tori) Lods & Michael Donato is just another example of how little they actually care about the residents of Cumberland County.

From photos they proudly post on social media of them at fundraisers and visiting churches, not only taking photos but FULL EVENTS with ZERO social distancing and NO MASKS! Look at their photos! Many senior citizens, very close together, indoors!

This abhorrent behavior is so self-serving, and uncaring of others.

Maybe now that Trump's reckless choices has caused him and the First Lady to contract Covid the local candidates that do his bidding will follow step.

Dear Anthony (Tony) Romero, Darwin Cooper Jr., Victoria (Tori) Lods & Michael Donato, if you need a mask, please stop by our headquarters or reach out to any of the Cumberland County Democratic Team members and we'll provide you with one.

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